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A: Horseless Carriage (Pre-1915)

B1: American Vintage (1915-1925)

B2: American Vintage (1926-1942)

B3: American Vintage (1946-1955)

B4: American Vintage (1956-1966)

B5: American Vintage (1967-1975)

C1: European Vintage (1915-1925)

C2: European Vintage (1926-1942)

C3: European Vintage (1946-1955)

C4: European Vintage (1956-1966)

C5: European Vintage (1967-1975)

D1: American Prewar Open

D2: American Postwar Open

E1: European Prewar Open

E2: European Postwar Open

F: Honor Marque

G: Honor Collector

H: Bespoke Automobiles

I: Modern Era


Q1: Prewar American

Q2: Postwar American

R1: Prewar European

R2: Postwar European

S1: Prewar British

S2: Postwar British

T1: Prewar Japanese

T2: Postwar Japanese

U: Bespoke Motorcycles

** The Palm Beach Concours (TM)
reserves the right to modify
or cancel
any class without notice **

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